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Canine Cryobank Achieves 80% Success Rate with Frozen Semen
With over 30 years experience producing frozen, cooled and fresh semen litters worldwide. .
Over 30 years experience producing Frozen, Cooled & Fresh Semen Litters Worldwide  
Providing for the Best Owners, the Best  Dogs for every element of the canine-human bond .

80% Success Rate

Canine Cryobank Achieves 80% Success Rate With Frozen Semen - View Report to learn more


Frozen Semen Insemination Success Rate reaches 100%!!!!

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Responsible For 30,000+ Pups Worldwide

Canine Cryobank

Founder Responsible For More Than 30,000 Wanted Pups Worldwide

Canine Cryobank founder, Carol Bardwick, is personally responsible for over 30,000 pups worldwide using fresh, cooled and frozen semen.

"We hold the future.......Freezing viable sperm from your dog today may  become  the single most important investment you make for the future of your chosen breed." - Learn More
Canine Cryobank is a reproductive and cryopreservation laboratory with no conflict of interest
with our dog show clients or breeders.

Canine Cryobank is a member of the International Society of Biological  and  Environmental  Repositories